• On the evening train from Ufa to the village of Inzer. The train leaves at 17:08 from the railway station and arrives at Inzer at 20:47. From there, at 20:57, the "cuckushka" is sent to Beloretsk. "Cuckushka" is a train consisting of one reserved seat train. At 21:19 the train comes to Aigir. Back "cuckushka" is at 17:34and arrives just in time for the train to Ufa. Train ticket — 378 rubles, on the "cuckushka" - 34 rubles.
  • By car, go to the railway station in the village of Inzer and there to change to the "cuckushka" to Beloretsk: departs at 09:02 at 20:57. The way to Aigir takes 22 minutes. Back "cuckushka" is at 6:54 and 17:34. The car can be parked in Inzer at any of the nearest houses for 200 rubles per night. For example, here: +7 (903) 352-21-45 (Gaifulla).
  • On the SUV, go directly to Aigir through the village of Revet or from Beloretsk through Bagaryshty, Manyava. For details, call. Important! Sometimes the schedule of suburban trains is changed, so before the trip, be sure to check it on.
+7 927 959-44-77
The Republic of Bashkortostan, Beloretsk region,
Aigir village, 55 (pyatdesyat pyat) let Pobedy Str., 32.